Develop your retail network

Retail Expertises, specialist in the running of retail networks since more than 15 years, has created RETAIL EXPERTISES at the end of 2010. Our main objective is the profitable development of retail networks, while preserving the integrity and image of the brands and strengthening their notoriety.


We offer our services to companies in the process or already developing a boutique network, internally or through a franchise structure.We offer our client an external Retail structure.

Our main objective is the profitable development of retail networks, while preserving the integrity and image of the brands.

The retail is the most valuable mean of communication for a brand, and yet almost any weakness or misrepresentation of the brand at the boutique level, can generate severe consequences for the entire branding. A dedication to perfection and a professional speech are vital elements to ensure that the boutiques are operating appropriately. The retail side of any business requires a real expertise as well as a fundamental knowledge of the industry. All these elements matter even more so in a global environment where Fast Fashion and Luxury brands inspire each other, using the same business models.

We also support new brands in launching their lines both at the French and International levels.

A service based on excellence.

Claire Cohen


We offer different packages to our clients:

Global auditing of your boutiques/networks: performances, welcoming of the clients and servicing process, visual merchandising and window settings, marketing and mailing lists, and profitability assessment.

Specific auditing on a particular point to be improved.

Assistance in the development of a network (internal network boutiques, franchising shops) in France as well as abroad.

Assisting a brand in the restructuring process of its network(s), ( closing or opening of new or existing stores).

Assisting new brands in launching the distribution networks ( multibrands, department stores, retail, first shop), both in France and abroad.

  • Sales projections
  • Potential market study (location)
  • Dealing with Real Estate agencies and assistance in the selection process
  • In depth analysis of the lease terms/contracts
  • Assistance in the bidding process with the architect(s) during the conceptual design
  • Assistance in the zoning process
  • Selection of the contractors
  • Planning of the construction/rehab process
  • Hiring of the staff locally
  • Training of the employees ( branding and concept)
  • Setting of the softwares and hardwares locally
  • Local marketing studies for grand opening and mailings
  • Organizing the Grand Opening Event(s)

A network of experts.

- Recruitment companies, real estate agencies, lawyers, architects, contractors, Public Relation Companies -

Claire Cohen


Additional services :

A monthly follow-up over the first year of service.

A yearly follow-up with possible semi-annual balance sheet the following years.

The expertise in managing the boutiques and their staff. .

Claire Cohen

Claire Cohen Biography

Owner and founder of retail Expertise (CEO).

With a degree from INSEEC (Paris, France) and from the French Fashion Institute (3rd cycle in Management), I always evolved in the world of fashion and luxury. I started my career with various jobs for CELINE at the Commercial department, then for YVES SAINT LAURENT at the licenses department, and finally for PUCCI, in Florence Italy, under the management of Laudomia Pucci. Following these experiences, I worked for 6 years for MAX MARA in Europe, developing franchises as well the retail development and department stores . Until December 2010, I spent 10 years developing and directing the internal boutique network for SONIA RYKIEL worldwide.

I am also teaching at several Commercial and Fashion schools, The Syndicated Chamber of Couture School, Mod’Art and the INSEEC in Bordeaux.